How Can I Do Fundraising For My Political Candidate?

So this is my first time handling Fund raising events for a State Assembly candidate. I need some advice and direction on how to get donations, sponsorships, and endorsements.


The positioning statement is first:

Why should someone care for your candidate? What do they stand for that’s unique? Why should someone believe that their issues will be implemented (i.e., do they have a track record of success)? Why would I want this person to represent me, my business, my community? What life experiences do they have that makes me think that they have the skills to be effective?

Next, the target demographic:

Who, specifically, is the candidate trying to attract? Why should they care about their position?

Then, target influencers:

Find people who are socially tied in to the demographic. People that throw parties, people in entertainment, hospitality, former sponsors, people who know what your candidate CAN do matters.


Come after you have a groundswell of support. You need to say, “back my candidate, he’s (or she’s) a winner”. You need testimonials.

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