How Can I Get More Customers For A Nail Salon?

I am managing a nail salon in downtown Denver. Currently, there are hotels with nail/salons in them as well as three surrounding nail salon competitors. I have the best location in terms of the busiest location but I want more clientele. I am surrounded by many businesses and the busiest hour for me is lunch time when everyone goes on break. My downtime is the evening time. What can I do to get people to constantly come in at all times? There are many many people walking on the mall and passing my shop each day-what can I do to get them to come in? The shop is rather small and very narrow-it is between a Jamba Juice and a mom&pop ice cream shop and both of the shops get really busy. Should I make a sidewalk sign to show people that we are here? Should I have happy hour?


My wife tends to only frequent establishments that have people in them. So, one idea is to have more people being worked on at your salon. Imagine helping out a local breast cancer or homeless mom’s group – schedule people to come in for a free manicure (etc.). Send out a press release announcing your goodwill within your community.

Do mini-makeovers at the salon. Teach people (teens? single moms?) how to improve their looks easily. You could sign up people through your local community ed program.

Another suggestion – co-market with other stores. While the snack shops might be a candidate, think of the places your clients are likely to go: women’s clothing, women’s shoes, etc. These establishments would be natural partners of yours.

The trick is to simply get people used to coming in your front door.

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