How Can I Attract Delegates To My Symposium?

I have six weeks to do a regional symposium and series of workshops involving 600 pre-screened delegates. Using a random quota sample list of 2,400. Will I be able to have 600 delegates attend, using a two letter drip marketing campaign?

I will pay the delegates’ way, if necessary, offer perks, provide national TV coverage, and have them participate in family financial workshops, global environment forums and interact with the top three candidates running for President from both parties.

I have ten weeks to accomplish this task, including the first four weeks devoted to website fund raising and also engage in our PR firm’s scheduled series of news conferences, book signings, and private party fund raising events.


It depends on the appearance and content of your letters. I understand why you need them, but why do they need you (what’s in it for them)? You’re giving them a “working” vacation, but more than that, what problem are you solving of theirs?

As a “Concerned Citizen”, how will their appearance matter? Why will they feel “heard”. If you need their input, why can’t they simply answer a questionnaire. If really only need them to attend for their smiling faces for TV coverage, then you need to make that clear.

Politically, people can be distrustful of the “process” and marketing of candidates. You don’t want to disenfranchise them any more. If you’re sincerely looking for input to create a list of the core issues for representatives of your region, and are willing to make this sharing two-way, then you have a higher likelihood of success.

It’s all in the presentation of your marketing message.

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