What Are Good Activities For A Horse Stable Open House?

I have a horse riding stable where I give lessons to all levels of riders. I want to host an open house to draw in more young children who want to learn to ride. I plan to offer door prizes such as riding lessons and trail rides. I also plan to have free horse rides, balloons and hot dogs. I am looking for any more ideas you may have for activities to offer at the open house or for ways to promote it.


Once you get the kids there, so long as there isn’t a negative experience, it doesn’t matter much what your activities are. The key is that they should all be 100% fun & safe. You want everyone to feel like they can trust you and the horses.

To get people to the horses, you need to go where the kids (and their parents) are. If you’re doing this during the summertime, then co-market with day camps (offer to give them a % of the sign up, or pay a flat fee to allow you access to their e/mailing list, or hand out flyers at the end of the day, etc.). During the year, you’d approach local schools.

For more guerrilla-like approaches, team up with an ice-cream truck. Ride a horse in front of the truck in the neighborhood. Hand out flyers, etc.

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