How Can I Sell Safety To Parents With Teen Drivers?

Driving crashes are the #1 cause of death for teenagers. Parents are in control of their kids as they begin driving and it’s their responsibility – legally and morally – to safeguard their kids and the public that’s exposed to the dangers that could result from a new driver on the roads.

Our company delivers education to parents to inform them of (a) their legal obligations and (b) of their parenting duties as they begin the most dangerous phase of their parenting career. We also deliver (c) products and services that are proven to reduce crash rates. In short, we help parents keep their teens safe and alive behind the wheel. See for the whole story.

Our #1 marketing challenge: most parents either don’t know what they should do to safeguard their kids as they begin to drive. Others, frankly and sadly, just don’t seem to care. These seem to believe sending a son or daughter to driver’s ed is all that’s needed.

What do you suggest we do to (as much as possible) overcome the “it won’t happen to my child” attitude?


“How to overcome the ‘it won’t happen to my child’ attitude?” – Provide statistics. What’s the chance that 16-year-old will get into an accident? Get injured? Die? A 17-year-old? 18-year-old? Since you’re selling accident avoidance products, you need to tell me the same statistics for those that have purchased them. That will inform my ROI as a consumer.

Your business name is “off”. Safe Teen Driving Club sounds like you’re marketing to teens. This is clearly NOT what you’re doing. Compare this to “Mothers Against Drunk Driving”. Instead consider a name like “Parents For Safe Teen Driving”.

Is your website getting poor traffic or traffic that doesn’t convert? I’m guessing you’re having conversion problems, because the site itself doesn’t lead me through the education/sales process simply. Instead, the home page presents me too many options – some selling, some education, and WAY too much text for me to navigate.

A subtle issue I have – you’re using a .org domain name yet you seem to be a .com company. I generally assume a .org is a 501(c)3 I wouldn’t assume a .org would be trying to sell me a bunch of products. I would encourage you to have a 501(c)3 company that does the education and a for-profit that does the product sales. It would be much clearer what you’re selling. I do see that your for-profit donates money to non-profits that support young people and their family.

You’re not selling insurance. Most of the products you’re selling force teens to be more responsible for their driving to avoid being “busted” (GPS devices, bumper stickers, and breathalyzers). The teenSMART teaches education. The legal/roadside assistance is for in-case of a problem.

Together your products may give parents peace of mind. And that’s how I’d package your offering: present the ROI of your products, testimonials from “satisfied” parents (from everything to major accidents), insurance executives, and highway patrol. Highlight the reality of an teen driving problem, its potential for injury/death, and show your solution to the problem.

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