Should I Put My Headshot On My Blog?

I am building a professional business blog. I see many sites with actual Faces on them but as a minority I feel this would be a disadvantage. Even when people think they are not prejudiced they really are. Not intentionally but why should I take a chance? I know a face adds credibility and trust but my gut feeling is to not put a face or put a white face. I plan to monetize the website but I just don’t think I would get taken as serious for my recommendations. What do you think?


People make judgments on how people look, how they dress, how tall they are, how thin, etc.

If you’re marketing yourself based on what you know, then appearance doesn’t really matter (as opposed to marketing your looks for a modeling job, for example). Instead, focus on providing something of value to your potential customers. That’s what they really care about. How you look helps them put a face to the words.

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