How Can I Sell Long Term Care Insurance?

I am an insurance agent who used to be a Social Worker. I have some contacts in the health care industry and would like to market LTC to them i.e. retirement homes, independent living facilities, residential care homes, etc. I first would like to introduce the product to the staff then to prospective family members of the residents. I have tried a couple of visits to such facilities but have found that staff are somewhat guarded and not very interested. Any ideas for a letter that would ease their mind so they do not feel so threatened.


You’re making a classic mistake – trying to sell to someone before knowing what they need. Instead, start doing informational interviews.

Call a staff member and tell them that you’re not trying to sell them anything, but would like to know how you can help their organization and their clients with insurance. Maybe it’s not allowed to allow a 3rd party to sell services through them. Maybe there’s a family day that you could get invited to. Perhaps purchase a mailing list. Perhaps you could offer a free seminar (that isn’t a sales talk) about insurance. Offer to write a regular column about retirement savings (again, not a sales piece). If they have a senior fair, have a booth. If you have some stories of people you’ve worked with (as a social worker), share how insurance would’ve/did made a difference

Selling is about listening, not talking.

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