How Can I Market A Conference Room?

We have been approached by a new prospect who would like to promote a high-tech conference room (target markets: engineering firms, law firms, accounting firms). The room can be used for: corporate meetings, training seminars, loan closing, board of directors meeting, shareholders meeting. The competition is hotel conference rooms (they do not offer the same type of technology). We’re thinking of using tri-fold brochures.


Start with getting great pictures of the conference room “in action”. That’s what people are interested in.

The tri-fold may not be the best format for their needs. I’d suggest a postcard for mailing – with a single great photo on one side and benefit statement on the reverse.

Approach the local Chamber of Commerce and advertise in their publications – they are likely to have a cross section of your audience.

Contact local business clubs. Offer your space for their meetings (for free or at a discount) to build awareness with their members.

Contact corporate trainers, event planners, and caterers. They know who’s needing events (or who has had them in the past year).

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