Psst! Do You Know Who’s Talking About You?


Unless you are a large company, you probably do not have your own clipping service scouring the media looking for mentions of your business, your competitors, or industry trends. So what’s a small business to do?

Use Google Alerts. It’s a free service from Google that emails you when your search terms are newly used online (news, blogs, video, websites, and/or groups). Google Alerts will email you daily, weekly, or as-necessary.

As a minimum, create alerts for all your “public” employee and your business name. Ideally, also create alerts for your competitors, your industry, website-optimized keywords, and target region. You can even create alerts for a breaking story. It is also easy to delete the alert (all the necessary information is sent in your alert email).


  1. Go to Google Alerts
  2. Create an alert for each search term.
  3. Start reading.

One thought on “Psst! Do You Know Who’s Talking About You?

  1. Good day Jay, I love Google Alerts, and yes I use them not only for our business, but our competitors too. And I use it for news articles about Identity Theft (you can imagine how many updates I get on that subject daily) As we market an ID theft product the alerts has helped me provide very current news items to our potential clients.
    Always appreciate your newsletters Jay, have a great day.


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