What Is a Good Name For My Massage Business?

I need help naming my massage biz. I have decided to target my massage biz to specific clients. I specialize in therapeutic massage for fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, and stress-reduction. As well as massage, I direct clients on general “brain” health – diet, exercise and relaxation and resources. My working tagline is: calming your complicated life…

Some names I’ve played with (Therapeutic Massage after each): Good Hands, Sundance, Sun Bear, Oso Sol, and Oso del Sol (I’m in the Southwest).


Great niche.

Perhaps you don’t need massage in your name if your goal is to provide massage + consulting on diet/exercise/etc.

As for name, it can be anything you want. If it’s abstract, then you’ll have to spend more time educating people in your tagline and other materials who you are. If your name is specific, they’ll quickly “get it”.

  • Pain & Stress Relief Clinic
  • Sun Bear Pain Clinic (or Oso Sol/Oso del Sol)
  • Body-Mind Pain Clinic

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