What Is A Good Tagline For A Virtual Business Assistant?

I have determined my company name but need a catchy tagline. I have come up with one but I feel it needs help. My company name is “CEVA Services” and under that on my cards is “Virtual Office Assistant”. I want to change that to “Your Virtual Assistant”. My Vision Statement is “CEVA Services is an innovative administrative service provider working in partnership with the world”. Now the problem I have is my tagline is “I help to help you build”. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.


Virtual Office Assistant – I understand, but am confused at the same time. What does “office” add (why not Virtual Assistant)? Do you have specific business skills you wish to market? Administrative skills? Computer Skills?

Now, remove the “virtual” from whatever your tagline is. Does it stand on its own? “Virtual” means, I’ll be working from my home and reporting to your business.

How do you add value as a “virtual” consultant? Why are you better than someone than might hire locally? Is it your skill set? Hours? Educational background? A long list of happy customers?

Your business won’t appeal to everyone. Make your tagline appeal to those ideal clients for you. Identify them, and align your tagline benefit with their need.

6 thoughts on “What Is A Good Tagline For A Virtual Business Assistant?

  1. Like you, I am also an advocate of outsourcing and working with all different types of virtual assistants to provide a much better and efficient method of fulfilling tasks for our clients.

  2. Business Name: Your Virtual Pro
    Tagline: Helping You Succeed

    What do you think?

  3. Deborah – The tagline “Helping You Succeed” is not specific. It could be used by pretty much any business and not help people understand how they help, who they help, why they’re better, etc. Likewise, “Your Virtual Pro” doesn’t convey much in the way of what’s offered or how “Virtual” is a unique benefit.

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