What Is A Good Tagline For A Southern California Realtor?

I am developing a new brochure and need a new tagline for this changing real estate market in Southern California. I would like an "action" tagline and have come up with the following and don’t love them:

I am very professional and offer a lot of service- I have been told I am much more of a consultant vs a hard core sales person. Below are my potential taglines:

  • Focused on Results
  • Bringing your Dreams Home
  • Making it Happen
  • Making Real Estate Happen
  • Helping you Move in a New Direction


Jay’s Answer: People hire real estate experts for two things: to sell and to buy property. Buyers are looking to hire someone who can help them find their property quickly and negotiate a great price. Sellers are looking to get the fastest sale, with the fewest restrictions, at the best price.

Key questions :

  1. Are you targeting buyers or sellers? While you can certainly provide service to either market, who do you want as your clients?
  2. Your website indicates you’re focused on homes (not commercial) property, right?
  3. All realtors claim great service, that they can do it all, etc. What have you done that backs up this claim?

Remember that a tagline hopes to capture the essence of what you do in very few words, so it can stick in someone’s mind. Answer the key questions to create an on-target, benefits-based tagline. Make sure that the key concerns of the buyer/seller are also addressed.

Here is a quick analysis of your potential taglines:

  • Focused on Results – Results of what? Isn’t everyone?
  • Bringing your Dreams Home – A clever play of "dream home", suitable for a buyer. "Bringing" is vague, and it doesn’t help tell the reader what you do.
  • Making it Happen – What is IT? Very vague.
  • Making Real Estate Happen – Very vague.
  • Helping you Move in a New Direction – Another clever play on words, but it doesn’t really say anything.

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