What Is A Good Headline For A Valentine’s Day Jeweler Ad?

I am having trouble coming up with something original for a flyer for a Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign. The Product Is good quality Sterling Silver Jewelery, and the target audience is 20 to 55 yrs
We do not sell diamonds or gold so nothing along those lines either. Also the store is not located in the most affluent of areas – So it will include a voucher for 20% of all sets in store.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Silver Is The New Gold
  • Impress Her and Save Money.
  • Show Off Her Beauty With Silver.

One thought on “What Is A Good Headline For A Valentine’s Day Jeweler Ad?

  1. To really be ‘original’ you might want to think of something other than a flier. There’s nothing original or exciting about that, no matter what the headline. Particularly if you’re just going to be passing them out with no strategy. I also recommend avoiding discounts whenever possible.

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