Is My T-Shirt Blog Effective?

We have just started a blog ( selling couple tee and basically i need your help to advise on the following:

  1. Feedback on whether the blog is attractive? If not what are the areas that we can improve in?
  2. How can we get more visitors to our blog?
  3. We are also looking for distributors around the world but we do not know how to go about it. Is there any website that we can post an ads?
  4. Are our products attractive? Is it price reasonable?


Jay’s Answer:

  1. Your blog needs some work. I’d suggest that instead of showing the packaging and the t-shirts flat on a white background, show them being warn by an attractive couple that are having fun. Since the site is for selling, make it obvious. A strong banner, clear pricing (don’t ask people to email you an order – create an online order form, or as as a minimum, use Paypal to handle the order processing for you), clear return policy, etc. I wouldn’t expect a business to have a url for a blogspot. Invest $50-$60/year to get a domain name + hosting for your business. Also, put the images on your own site, don’t use photobucket to display them.
  2. You have some statistics (StatCounter), but I’d use an analytics program to give you more information, not just counts. Where did visitors come from? What were they searching on? To get better ranking organically, you’ll need links to your site from other high-ranking sites. List your site with various directory sites. Also, consider posting responses to couple-related blogs adding real value, but also a link to your site.
  3. Here’s one online resource for distributors: Tradekey. Also, consider putting your images on self-publishing sites such as CafePress. Let them handle everything – you don’t have to even print the shirts!
  4. As for price, I don’t have a clue what it costs in local $ (I’m in the United States), so I can’t comment.

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