How Can I Direct Market A Roofing/Construction Company?

I am assisting a roofing/construction/remodeling company with their marketing efforts. Our plan is to Direct Market to residences around our jobs and I am wondering what is the best way to go about doing so. I would like to use a combination of: doorknob hangers, canvassing/direct selling (door to door), sales letter, post cards, etc.

I am struggling with when to do what. Typically, our roofing jobs take anywhere from 1-3 days. Roofing jobs are good potential leads for our construction and remodeling services. So, how would you proceed? I am trying to map out a strategy.Send a postcard first? Then a hanger, followed by Direct Selling? I am aware that it takes a few impressions to score a lead.


Jay’s Answer: Basically, you’re trying to create a referral as-if your client talked you up with their neighbors. So, if Jane Smith hired you, then you must be good! If you can get Jane Smith to agree to using her name in your promotion (in exchange for compensation), even better.

For your jobs – show before/after pictures. The right image will get people to think, “I want that also”. Have high quality images on a website brochure.

Combine your pre-job announcement with a strong offer, for example: “Since we’ll be in your neighborhood, you can $ave even more”.

For more involved jobs, offer to host a party for your client in exchange for them inviting their friends to see how much nicer their home is. Make it a very low-key presentation, simply having a sales rep there and answer questions, schedule consultations, etc.

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  1. You mentioned you’re trying to figure out your strategy by deciding on fliers, postcards, or hangers, but those are not strategies, they’re tactics. Developing a strategy means developing a point of differentiation between you and other roofers, then exploiting that point of differentiation through your tactics. At this point, you are limited to tactics because you don’t have time to do more, but for future success, develop your point of differentiation, then create your tactics based on that.

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