Name + Tagline For Professional Development Training Series?

We are trying to implement a professional and personal development training program/series at our company focusing on ways to enhance professionalism, presence, communication style, presentation skills, confidence and credibility, when networking and when with clients; just to name a few. We want to draw attention as to how this will benefit the person’s development and generate excitement to be apart of this program. For example, “It’s all about me (me=employee)” kind of thinking as by default the skills developed will help the company overall. Our staff is primarily Gen X/Gen Y and maybe 30% Baby Boomers. We are looking for a name for the overall program and an associated tagline.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Executive Education
  • Executive Privilege
  • EmployAbility


  • Tips For Boosting Your Business Savvy
  • Your Business Skills Toolkit

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