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Valerie Baadh, CLM is a movement consultant to schools and organizations, a movement trainer and mentor to teachers, and a movement artist. She is a licensed Lebed Method instructor and a certified Spacial Dynamics practitioner. Valerie has been performing, choreographing, directing and teaching movement and dance in San Francisco since 1973. As a certified Spacial Dynamics practitioner trained by Jaimen McMillan, Valerie Baadh was the Movement Education instructor at San Francisco Waldorf School from 1990 through 2006. She helped develop and taught a comprehensive developmental movement program for grades one through twelve and led workshops for parents, teachers and the community.

Website: San Francisco Movement For Health and Healing
Phone: (415) 218-7088

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One thought on “Business With Passion: Valerie Baadh

  1. Thanks for the pointer to Valerie! Certainly a very spontaneous and intimate revelation of this woman’s passion in sharing of her movement “inventions”. I look forward to seeing more of your presentations of interesting people and their work.

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