How Can I Market Wrist Identification Bands?

I have been asked to market wrist identification bands (made of lanyard material with a backing material that can be written on).

Initially, they were manufactured for sale to parents /guardians / youth groups for school aged children in case the child became lost or separated from the group or parent.

The compliance & safety regulation standards for children’s products has recently been upgraded in Australia and as a result the launch of the product to this market has been put on hold.

Instead, we’ve decided to market them as a great substitute for layards – they don’t get lost (or left by delegates at the bar) and can be customised to carry conference logos &/or company branding.

To introduce the product we’re sending Conference Organisers / Coordinators a direct mail letter with a sample. I’m after a catchy headline for the direct mail letter. I’d thought of “Delegate Banz – the Conference Organiser’s Organiser”. OR maybe, “Sometimes we know you’d like to tell your conference delegates to GET LOST (especially if they’re heckling the keynote speakers or misbehaving in the lounge bar)…but what if they were? With Loc8me Wrist Banz your conference delegates will always be easily identifiable and their contact details and room number can be written on they back so they’ll never forget their seminar location or hotel room number.”

Hopefully this segment will provide a good market niche for this product.


Jay’s Answer:

(Aside: I’m not sure of the need for this product to this niche. Generally conferences attendees wear a badge that clearly states their name and company for conference staff and other attendees to see. Perhaps investigate senior citizen market – in case they go out and forget where they live, phone number, name, where car is, etc.)

As for name, why not simply: Conference Wrist Badges?

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  1. Really? An adult, capable of attending a conference to conduct business on behalf of their company, needs to be reminded of their hotel location?!?! How ridiculous! I like the Sr. Citizen idea, though Grandma may not take to an ugly bracelet on her wrist. I would think a prettier version (or masculine for grandpa) would help her want to keep it on and still provide necessary information.

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