How To Do Promotion on A Budget?

What are the best ways to raise awareness about my Christian magazine? I don’t yet have the capital to really get into radio, TV and billboards like I want to, but I do want to promote my mag to a lot of readers in my circulation areas. I need some brilliant ideas on how to do this on an extreme budget. Now I understand that I have to spend some money, so I’m not unrealistic, but the point is I need some very cheap, yet effective ways to create a buzz.

P.S. I have been trying the email awareness thing, but in this world of spam, annoying email blasts and the like, I don’t think that email carries nearly the “productivity” (can’t think of a better word right now) rate it used to.


Jay’s Answer: If you’re looking for a buzz, then identify Christian trend-setters in your community. Can you get an interview/cover shot? Then, follow up with a press release announcing the special interview for (potentially) local media coverage – specifically targeting the demographic.

The point is instead of trying to “push” your magazine to people who don’t know they want it, try to “pull” your demographic to you based on having what/who they’re looking for.

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