What Should I Name For My Group Of Women?

I started this group of women..and now have mixed feelings on the name and would like to change it.. I want a group for networking and socializing. How could i cater to both. Can you help me with a name and ideas

What don’t you like about it? The group ranges in age from 24 to 55. And after 2 meetings I feel it no longer fits in to what i want to do.

Is this group social or for business reasons? The group’s members are all different there is from stay at home moms to lawyers to important public figures i am trying to recruit. The problem is that i started this group to meet new people and let them know about our family business (real estate) and all that we offer. So it would be a networking group. But at the same time you have people that don’t want to network and just have some time off at a social group. So i am trying to cater to different types social /networking. Yes chiks clique i think is fine for socializing in a younger crowd, I am looking for a name that will fit every ones age and interest.

What will the members have in common, besides being a group of women? Some what to let others know about what they do (sales) to get more clients. And others just want time off from their children and busy lives

Why would someone want to join your group? Networking and time with other women

What other types of names are you thinking of? I was thinking something like bizwomen but it does not work for me. Because of the ones that want nothing to do with work.


Jay’s Answer: I think that the purpose of a social group is much different from a business networking group. A social group exists to talk about life, hobbies, etc. A networking group exists to help people sell their products/services. There can be overlap in the two groups, but the “energy” will be quite different.

Here are some names to play with:

  • Women2Women
  • Goddess Talk
  • Girl Time
  • Ladies Who Launch
  • The Meet Market

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