Tagline For Spinal Cord Therapy Program?

My company provides Spinal Cord Injuries with an exercise based therapy program. We are an exercise based program that works on our clients weaknesses in trying to reach the goal of being more independent. While some of our clients goals are to walk again other clients have the goal of just being able to feed themselves again, thus being more independent. Our program is giving our clients the chance and the opportunity to try and reach these goals through exercise.

I am trying to come up with a slogan or a tagline to use with our marketing. We provide an alternative to therapy that is only offered a few places in the country and we are going to try and go national. We are located in Boston MA.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Where There’s Hope There’s a Way
  • Strengthen Your Resolve And Your Body
  • Turning Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

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