How To Launch A Retail Engagement Program?

I want to launch a retail engagement program (loyalty program for the trade). I work with a mobile company and the program will target initial 100 dealers and then take it to 500 next year. Any ideas on what points should I cover in this program?

We don’t want to make it a sales based scheme or a points program, but an overall brand engagement program..building a relationship of them with our brand…pls help


Jay’s Answer: Here are some ideas in general:

  • Make it easier for them to sell your product. Provide an easy program that compares/contrasts your product against the competition.
  • Make it less likely people will return your product. Ensure that you’ve tested your product well (for ease of use, ruggedness, etc.).
  • Make it so anyone can sell your product. Make the product sell itself: great/colorful graphics, compelling text, language based on extensive testing on target market’s needs.
  • Make it fun to interact with your company. Don’t just be another corporate offering. Is your website entertaining/cool? Your receptionist/customer support amazingly friendly/patient?
  • Presell the product for them. Do great ad and PR campaigns targeting the demographic. Your goal is to have people come in off the street and ask for your product by name.

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