A Name For Golf and Curling Facility?

I am looking for a name, describing a golf and curling facility. The facility is used during the summer as clubhouse for the golf club and in the winter the curling rinks are used as well as the pub for after curling.

The curling club is rents the ice time at the facility, so we can’t name it XXX (X= name of the city) golf and curling club, as the club is independant and has used the name XXX (name of the city) curling club for a long time. Therefore I am looking for a name, describing the golf and curling. In the wintertime, the facilty also offers cross country skiing on the golf club.


Jay’s Answer: Given that you want to mention both curling & skiing, why not: XXX Golf & Winter Club

Alternatively, use the tagline to mention the golf, curling, and skiing that you offer, and leave the name as “The XXX Club”?

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