Creative and Yet Practical Sales Plans?

We provide Engineering Design Services since 9 years in the domains of Automotive, Utilities and Industrial Designs. The slow down in our target market has hit us which is evident from our last two quarter results.

I am looking for you offer us more creative and yet practical approach plans, sales plans so that we would move close to our numbers next two quarters.

Our services normally comprises of Product Design, Tool Design, BIW Design and Detailing, Machine Tool Designs, etc.


Jay’s Answer: Instead of focusing on selling your services, ask your clients what services they currently need. It may be that they’re not in an innovation cycle, but rather trying to figure out how to to better sell their existing inventory. Once you’ve identified their need, if you can help them directly, you’re in good shape. If not, find vendors that can help them directly, and subcontract them out to your clients.

Consider looking in different regions or niches for prospective clients.

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