10th Company Anniversary Ideas?

Our company is turning 10 in August 2009. I want to make a story out of our anniversary, from our company promotions, to events etc that will mark our countdown for our 10th.

I’m thinking of a remarkable theme for this milestone event of ours.

What can be the best theme for us? We are into direct selling and multilevel marketing. We value partnership and business relationship to all our dealers, of course with great customer service. We want to highlight on the business partnership, one family supports all.

Believe. Achieve. Succeed. Is this nice?


Jay’s Answer: The best tagline is one that appeals to your target market.

“Believe. Achieve. Succeed.” is vague and doesn’t mention a benefit to your target market. For example, “Taking Your Income To The Next Level” plays off both the MLM and the benefit ($).

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