A Catchy Name For An Interior Decorating Business?

We are located in Northville Michigan. Most clients are near-by not more than an hour away from us. What makes us different or better I would say is that we shop very good quality items with little money, we also use a lot of items that the clients have, and we have reasonable hourly pricing. We really have only done a hand full of business’ and are looking to target that area a little more. We are working with mostly homeowners in family houses. We try to make their house into homes and try to help them have better space planning (rearranging furniture and such). We work with middle class to high end it just depends. We are looking for a name that would apply to the business and residential owners.


Jay’s Answer: A business client would have very different goals from a homeowner – so one name that works for both will get a bit generic.

Here are some names to get you thinking:

  • Interior Design For A Song (emphasize price)
  • Home Inner Beauty (like a person)
  • Rooms That Reflect You (emphasize uniqueness)
  • Gorgeous Rooms (emphasize beauty)

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