How To Attract Event Attendees During A Recession?

We didn’t used to have trouble assembling an audience for our client events. Now we hear from prospects that they aren’t interested in our event or our services right now. Do we need a new marketing strategy for these tougher economic times?


Jay’s Answer: The problem may not be with the strategy…or it may be. It may that you need to highlight different benefits of your services that clearly show ROI. However, right now all you know is that what you’re doing isn’t working. Ask your previous customers what the short- (and long-) term benefits have been from using your services (you might be surprised).

Also, the economic times might open up markets for you that you hadn’t noticed. Who else might benefit from your services? Consider other vertical markets and other regions. Talk to people outside your industry, and have them help you brainstorm opportunities for applying your techniques for other markets. Sometimes it’s a simple as using different language.

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