A New Name For A Florist?

I have had this name for 10+yrs (flowers by jennifer). We are now doing 90% floral arrangements for special events and party rentals. By listening to my name it just says one thing. However I want something unique and catchy.


Jay’s Answer: I’m not sure if you’re thinking of changing your name or adding a tagline.

In general, if your name is recognized, your business is growing, and there’s no negative to the name (i.e., you had bad PR) I don’t suggest changing your name at all. You’ve spent the last 10+ years educating people about you, your business, and how you can help them.

Perhaps you don’t need a new name, but you need another name – a name that better describes your current business customer service. In this case, you could branch out subtly (Special Events by Jennifer, Parties by Jennifer, etc.), building on your “Jennifer” name recognition. Or, you could take your current tagline (“Making Your Celebration A Unique Affair”) and turn that into your new name: Unique Affairs, Celebrations, Affairs In The Making, etc.

But maybe you really want something totally new, unconnected to your existing business at all. In that case, the sky’s the limit: Affair-y Princess, Floribunda, Fwowers, Flowertastic, etc. The trick in this case is that the name needs to resonate with your target market (location, demographic, and even competition) as well as reflect your values/spirit.

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