How Can We Boost Internal Business Communication?

I work in the global marketing and communications team of a leading IT services company. The company has many fully/partially owned subsidiaries and also joint ventures. The senior leaders have realized that these subsidiaries and joint ventures are often kept aloof from whatever is happening in the parent organization and thus the employees of these organizations tend to have a lot of apprehensions about the parent organization. To overcome this gap I have been entrusted with the task to find of ways and means of effective communication with the subsidiaries and joint ventures. Please suggest how can the objective of effective two way communication be achieved. The motive is not just to keep them updated but also to encourage them to share their apprehensions, achievements etc.


Jay’s Answer: Consider creating a wiki on a company intranet (using wikispaces for example). Anyone can post. Anyone can respond. RSS feed allows people to be notified on changes. Your IT department can quickly set up a wiki (for free) and boost your communication effectiveness.

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