How To Get Started With Social Media

My company sells packaging (gift bags, boxes, ribbon, tissue, etc.) to small retailers, home businesses and consumers via an ecommerce store (, paper catalog and call center. We’d like to get involved with social media. This is what we’d like to achieve through our social media efforts:

– More internal links (both to content we create, and deep links to products).
– Increase the perception among potential retail/home businesses that we’re a company that cares about them.
– Build loyalty with existing small retail customers. Getting them to return to our website for the content and potentially make repeat purchases.


Jay’s Answer: Right now your website is all about selling your products. So if someone comes to your website looking for supplies, you have a “match”. However, if someone is looking for packaging ideas or how to improve the presentation of their products, you have a “mismatch”. Perhaps that’s what your blog can be about: tips for presenting products (case studies, photos, etc.) in attractive ways that boost the sales (and potentially increases margins) of products. In other words, help your customers make more money and they’ll be coming back to you.

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