How Do I Market My Own DVD?

My partner and I produced and filmed a Cheerleading DVD teaching cheers and sidelines. The last one on the market was approximately 3 years ago and we really felt the time was right for new material. We have already filmed and edited our DVD and are now ready to market it. We are hitting a brick wall and don’t know where to go.


Jay’s Answer: If you’re trying to market it yourself, given your target market, create a website for it. Upload short (1-2min) YouTube videos from the DVD (showcasing small pieces that showcase your talent, style, etc.) and ensure that your website info is clearly labeled.

On the website, also embed the videos (perhaps a higher-quality version?) and add some great stills of winning teams, etc. If you’re in this for the long-haul, create a regular newsletter (perhaps about the latest contests, cheers, etc.) and email it to people who opt-in. Remember that it’s unlikely that people visiting your website for the first time will suddenly want to buy your DVD – they’ll want to ensure that what you have is “that good” and they can trust you.

If you and your partner are well-known, make sure that your faces on the website, and that you explain why your DVD is “worth it”.

Once these pieces are in place, visit cheerleading blogs, put in ads in cheerleading magazines, contact cheerleading coaches from around the US, etc.

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