Bringing In More Site Visitors

How can I best attract users to my site (  And then they bring friends.  And how can I let local business know about my low cost sms coupons?


Jay’s Answer: Right now your website appears to be trying to do everything for everyone: questions, groups, how-tos, local attractions, and even dating. While you can compete with sites like Craigslist, you need to focus on an underserved niche. Think of it this way – why should someone care about your site? So start with a region and the low cost SMS coupons and target people who are likely to see/use them. Perhaps it’s a college crowd. Young professionals. Kids. Once you’ve focused on the region/market, then contact businesses who are likely to have this demographic as their clients. Since you have a chicken-and-egg problem, you’ll need to get businesses to offer coupons for no cost to them (initially). One you have sufficient coupons, then you can start marketing to your target market to get them to visit your website.

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