Campaign For Company Offering Housing Loans

I need to come up with an activity/ event / project …a nationwide campaign for a firm offering housing loans. The last time I did a contest where families were encouraged to submit their ‘dream home ‘ design and winners were rewarded in cash. This time I want something with a twist…and the prize would probably be interest free loan. ( working on it) or maybe furnishing the house for free. Objective if to raise brand /company awareness and increase their customer data base. Help!

The media used would be either press releases or via flyers. Ideally the event should get families involved. Maybe even a contest running through for 3 months? TV is ruled out completely. Radio is an option – it’s not a cheap media but if the campaign is unique – we could push it through.


Jay’s Answer: Why not a YouTube contest (have entrants create 30sec-1min videos saying why they should win)? Create a video describing the rules, and example or two of types of entries you’re looking for, and an email address for people to submit their videos to (and their contact info)? Have a nationwide voting period to pick the best entry (from among the best you selected).

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