Business With Passion: Giving Back


Episode theme: People who “give back” to their community as part of their business model.

Bruce Burtch is a nationally-recognized cause marketing catalyst. He helps for-profit and nonprofit organizations develop win-win partnerships which maximize their strategic marketing and fund development. He designed and directed the most successful cause marketing program on emergency preparedness in the country through a partnership between the Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the American Red Cross, resulting in 1,000,000 people being trained in emergency preparedness. In 1993, Bruce was awarded the Distinguished Leadership Award, presented by the National Association of Community Leadership for spearheading the building of the Tenderloin After-School Program in San Francisco’s most crime ridden neighborhood.

Phone: (415) 454-0839

Jimmy Dillon is a San Francisco-based guitarist, singer/songwriter, teacher, and playwright. Growing up listening to everything from early Beatles and Stones to Howlin’ Wolf, he has since toured and recorded extensively, backing up great artists (John Lee Hooker, Clarence Clemons, and Bruce Springsteen) as well as forming his own bands (The Edge and The Jimmy Dillon Band). In 1999 he wrote Ascension of the Blues, a musical history of the Blues (from Blues to Bop, Ragtime to Rap, and a whole lotta’ Rock n’ Roll) and has been performing/producing since then. He is most proud of creating Blue Star Music Camps where he and other touring musicians pass on their years of performing experience by teaching kids Rock & Roll .


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3 thoughts on “Business With Passion: Giving Back

  1. Great video! Felt like I learned a lot, and I definitely felt inspired especially since I want to own my own business that gives back to the community as well. Thanks for the insight!

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