Tagline Needed For Kids Store

I need help with a tagline/slogan for a new store I’m opening in California. The store is a kids clothing & accessories boutique and the decor is a backstage theme decor. The store will sell apparel for infants thru tweens and has a kids bar in front of a mock concert stage that is a candy filling station and offers ice cream and specialty drinks. The decor is purple and lime green and it’s a really cool theme with backstage type props (guitars, amps, etc.). The name of the store is All Access Kids. Hope someone can help with a cool tagline to compliment our brand. We are selling European apparel, rock apparel, all kids of cool accessories, contemporary baby accessories, etc.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Your Backstage Pass To A Cool Boutique
  • A Rock-Your-Kids’-World Boutique

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