Increasing Sales In Retail Store

I am retail store manager of apparel store of mans wear, we sell premium quality shirts and have shirts of all colour palates, we do good sale only in discount period otherwise sale is not good, kindly suggest some scheme or idea which would help me do sale round the year .we also keep trousers, ties, suits but as far as shirts we are best in industry. kindly suggest some idea which help me increase sell as our company is low in marketing and we retail store in mall also suggest me idea to compete with other brands in mall.


Jay’s Answer: It sounds like people have learned to wait for your sale instead of buying year-round. Why not offer a year-round sale – at the register let the person pick a solid hollow ball to get the surprise discount inside. Discount is 5% to 50% (with lots of 5% off and perhaps only 1 50% off).

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