Renaming My Day Spa Because Of Tragedy

I am renaming my day spa after I got stabbed in it by a homeless lady (the new name is Quench Spa). I want a catchy memorable tag line shorter the better. I am not afraid of
being “cheeky” like the funny Britains!

My old name was The Skin Spa at Orange Hills, with the tagline: Relax, refresh, renew.

My personal favorite tagline so far that i came up with is: We drown knots, pimples and old age, everything else we drench. (thought after what I lived through humor is good for the soul. (drench is hydrating AKA QUENCH).


Jay’s Answer:Congrats on surviving your stabbing — yikes! I’m not sure why renaming your spa will make your problems go away – after all you’re still in the same location doing the same business (and probably attracting the same clientele).

I actually prefer your old name (“The Skin Spa at Orange Hills“) to your new one (“Quench Spa”) because the old name clearly says what your business is about, while your new one is vague. Also, you have a lot of great reviews online ( and which are linked to your existing site/business, so changing the name will lose the name recognition you’ve developed.

But you asked me about taglines for your new name, so here goes:

  • Hydrate Your Skin And Make Yourself Glow
  • Look Great and Feel Even Better
  • Relax. Rejuvenate. Renew.

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