Creating A Community Workshop Poster

The City is holding a community workshop to discuss density and intensity of future buildings in the downtown district. The public’s input is extremely important. We need a snappy tagline to place on the poster that will catch the attention of the citizens and hopefully get them to the workshop.

It seems that we get the same dozen people to the meetings. It would be more beneficial to all citizens if a wider range of people are providing input rather than just the few select.

The other problem is a few years back the City went through a long process to form a redevelopment plan of the downtown. The redevelopment has yet to occur and we are afraid that the citizens may be burned out.


Jay’s Answer: This is a common problem, since people sit on the sidelines and only when their lives are impacted do they come forward in a big uproar. People are busy, and want to make sure that they provide input that matters, at the right time, so their lives are improved (or, at least not negatively impacted).

I’m not sure a tagline will be sufficient for your efforts, though. You want to say something like: “Speak Up Now! (Or, forever hold your tongue)” or “It’s Easier To Write The Future Than Undo The Plan”.

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