How Can I Sell My Tagline Ideas?

I have some tag-lines for various products, how can i sell the tag-lines to that companies ?


Jay’s Answer: The short answer is, you can’t sell the tag lines unless the companies have publicly expressed a desire for them. If you have a desire to work for the company that makes the products, then your best bet is to meet with their director of marketing and present your tag lines to them (for free) as part of a job interview.

The problem you’ll face is that a company has no way of knowing if your tagline is any better than theirs (or even if they need one) until they evaluate it. And evaluating it costs money and takes time. Unless you’ve done focus tests, marketing surveys of both potential and existing clients, SEO analysis, etc. you have no proof that your taglines are valuable to them.

Finally, a tagline needs to focus on a key benefit of their problem. Do you deeply understand the product and the mindset of the audience? Do you know what works It’ll take to convert someone with little interest into someone who’s curious about evaluating the products?

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