New Name For My Website That Suits My Jewelry

My current name is Shine Charms & Jewellery but I am not happy with this name as it doesn’t represent what my jewellery is like. I am looking for a catchy name that goes with the fun and cute style of jewellery I make. You can see pics of my jewellery on my website to get an idea of what kind of thing I am looking for.
All the names I have picked so far have been taken and I have hit a wall on ideas.

My jewellery is aimed at people of all ages unlike what the previous response suggests 99% of my jewellery sales are made by and for adults. I have sold my jewellery worldwide so no location barriers either. The jewellery would be for woman. I would hope that the jewellery is handmade would appeal to people and that it is fun and quirky (maybe kawaii) all this style of jewellery seems to be becoming very popular at the moment as is selling really well. The majority of my items are unique as they are designed and handmade by myself which would also add to the appeal factor. I sold quite a few pieces just before Christmas as small gifts as people said they were good as no one else would have them. The type of names I have got so far were:

SweetBoutique (taken)
SweetTreats (taken)
CandyCouture (taken)
MySweetKawaii (but not sure if everyone knows what Kawaii is)

Also, do you think it matters if the website is a .com .org .net etc?


Jay’s Answer: Kawaii wasn’t a name I was familiar with until I visited your website. In fact, you might consider defining the name for people that visit your site.

If you like using Kawaii in your name, these are available:


These domains are also available, but with names in a different direction…


Thanks for your help there are some good suggestions there I will look into.
You have been a real help. Thank you

A .com is generally the assumed suffix for businesses. If you can’t get a .com, go for a .net. But really try for a .com first to avoid domain name confusion (if someone remembers your domain name, but not your suffix, you don’t want them visiting your competitor’s website). .org is generally used for not-for-profit businesses

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