Seeking Eco Tagline For Student/Business Venture

We are developing an innovative project where local High School students partner with local businesses to clean up the community. This includes everything from looking at what is dumped into the land fills, better recycling methods, planting a community garden. We are looking for a short tagline which highlights both the businesses and students WORKING TOGETHER to help the environment – and the community, be healthier.

So far we have: “Making the world a cleaner (or more sustainable) place one school to business connection at a time.”

That covers it – but is too long and not exactly catchy/cool enough to attract high schoolers. We really hope many local businesses will sign on as it’s great PR in a middle sized community for the business. We want to emphasize the connection between students & business.

Students will be drawing up a poster showing kids and business working together cleaning things up – but we want a fun and short tagline below it – might even be put it on a t-shirt.


Jay’s Answer:

  • School & Business Eco Cooperative
  • Eco Interns
  • Growing Local Eco Heroes

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