Scrolling Ads For Cable TV

My company’s name is… It is a social network which is a map based information portal of the city. It has 4 major sections. Blogs, Events, Business and Classifieds. We want to run scroll ads on cable Tv… You know like the way bulletins are running on news channel.. We have a 40second slot, where we can show 5slides of 8seconds each..

We need help in making lines for these four sections, which are short n says it all.

The three things we really want to highlight are

·Got a car, house or mobile to sell? Post classified ads for FREE on |

Business Owners
·Your business is already listed on, upgrade your page to an SMS enabled premium page & stay in touch with your customers. Details

yellO, Blogs and events can be combined if required. I need 4-5 words for each of the 4 sections…


Jay’s Answer:

  • The newest FREE buy/sell marketplace.
  • The newest FREE business listings.
  • The latest local events.
  • What’s Happening?

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