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I am starting my own wedding planning business and really need help with a name.  I’m having trouble finding words that convey my brand and stand out.  I want to known as someone who is great at all of the details, will ease the stress of planning, and will  provide creative ideas to give the bride a wedding that she will love!  I’m having trouble finding a name that is unique enough to stand out.  I tried to use something dealing with the Periodic table (using the concept of my services addressing all of the essential elements of a beautiful, classy wedding).  I started with “carbon” since it is the most essential element for life on earth, but passed it around to some friends and they did not think it sounded catchy for potential brides…what do you think? I’m stuck…I really want something that stands out, but that also gives an idea to what my business is about.  Could you please provide some direction?


Jay’s Answer: Names are a funny thing. As a business owner, you’re focused on finding the right name to make your business stand out from your competition. But if you go too far afield, the name only means something to you and is lost on most of your potential clients.

The periodic table connection is quite fun, but unless you’re targeting science-minded brides, I’m afraid your idea will confuse rather than amuse.

You can likewise come up with names that get lost among all the other names (“Here Comes The Bride” or “Your Special Day”) and therefore isn’t memorable.  So what to do?

You need to focus on your target audience more first, before you can create a name. For example:

  • Where are you located?
  • Who are you targeting?
  • What age brides?
  • First-time marriage or re-marriage?
  • What budget?
  • Specializing in what type of event: high-end, low-end, natural, green, traditional, religious, etc.?

I can go on-and-on, but my strong suggestion is to first become an expert at a niche (“First-time brides over the age of 40 living in Cincinnati-area, with a non-traditional flair”). Then, let your name derive from your niche. I’ve written a number of articles on this process, including:

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