How To Create A Yoga Teachers Website

I am a RYT registered yoga teacher. I am inquiring a few tips on what a consumer wants out of a yoga website and how to name my new company. I currently work at a Mental Clinic LLC, and I would like to incorporate their business with mine. They are one of a kind, therapy partnered with Holistic services including ti chi, massage, reiki and yoga. For my personal practice, I plan on creating a website, and it needs a name. I teach HATHA YOGA, which is a more gentle type. I teach most people over 30 years of age and really try to achieve a more stress-free way of living.


Jay’s Answer: People look for websites for all sorts of information: location, pricing, schedule, services, and details. Additionally, the content/look of the website must appeal to those you’re targeting.

As for a name, you’re looking for both a domain name and a business name. A business name needs to be unique in your county, so you can file a DBA. Your domain name ideally is the same as your business name, but if it’s “similar enough” that’ll probably suffice for your needs.

Unless you’re targeting people already familiar with yoga, Hatha doesn’t mean much to them. Since you’ve been teaching awhile, why are people taking your classes? Is it for stress-reduction, flexibility, community, etc.? Focus on the key benefit, and reflect that in your name, tagline, and the rest of your marketing materials.

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