A Tagline For Nonprofit Consultation Organization?

We are a non-profit organization that works to build unity among the community and animal care providers (primarily rescues, shelters). We offer consultative services for organizations including operations managements, procedures, adoptions marketing, and fund-raising. Additionally we offer memberships that include discounts on the consultative services as well as educational seminars, webinars, on-line peer networking and informational resources. We are animal health and welfare professionals that have recently run a shelter (much of the community knows us as this) and we are trying to transition into offering our expertise to other professionals while still reaching out to the community and encouraging responsible pet ownership, spay/neuter initiatives, adoptions over purchase, and enhancing the human-animal bond. We located in the D.C area, The Animal Protection League is our company name, our logo is the yin yang symbol with paw and hand, and we currently have Providing a bridge for the advancement of animal welfare through leadership, education, and advocacy.


Jay’s Answer: There are many Animal Protection Leagues around the country, but there doesn’t seem to be any common affiliation. To avoid confusion, you may wish to add “..of Washington, DC” to either your name or tagline.

“Providing a bridge for the advancement of animal welfare through leadership, education, and advocacy” is too wordy. Here are some ideas to bat around:

  • Supporting Animal Care Providers Since 2010
  • Animal Care Provider Consulting & Education Services

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