Slogan For a Speech Therapist

I am as Speech Therapist in the medical field (specifically adult rehabilitation). As such I don’t work with many intelligibility issues which is the main topic of the Speech Therapy slogans I’ve seen. I deal with patients post-stroke, dementia, high fall risk, etc. as part of a rehab team. Most of my interventions are related to cognition (memory, orientation, problem solving, etc) and swallowing.

I am looking for a slogan that incorporates what I do as a SLP rather than what is mostly seen in schools (i.e. stuttering, Autism, lisps). I have a couple of ideas that I’m not completely sold on: “Speech Therapy: More than R’s and S’s” and “Speech Therapy: The brain behind the Rehab Team”. I would like to incorporate the aspect of cognition as well as the rehabilitation team.


Jay’s Answer: Why not spell it out: Specializing in Post-Stroke, Dementia, and High-Fall Risk Patients. Being cute won’t help – you want to your target audience to immediately “get” what you’re offering.

If you want to include “rehab team”, consider: Your Special Rehab Team Specialist.

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