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hi i need tag line for my salon marketing. i need it for marketing van. our van will stand at colleges and a person will make few students play game and those u win will get a free makeover in 15 min in that van. so i want a tag line for that purpose like : win and get yourself more beautiful. I have lo’real salon and i need customers for that so for that purpose we decided to start salon on wheels for marketing.


Jay’s Answer: You’re not looking for a tagline – you’re looking for a headline – something to tell people to take action (for example, a headline for an article encourages people to keep reading).

Your business isn’t really to give away 15 minute makeovers to lucky students – it’s to sell some service or product (your salon). So ultimate you’re really selling a free taste of your salon “experience”. What services are you doing in the van? What services are you doing in the salon? Why should someone trust you for 15 minutes (even for free)? Why should someone pay for your services or products?

You’re on the right track – the goal of going to a salon isn’t to have your hair done or your nails done – it’s to feel more beautiful, and hopefully look more beautiful to feel more attractive (either to others or to oneself). But you need to combine winning something for free with the desire to travel to your salon in your headline.

  • The L’Oréal Salon Experience
  • L’Oréal Makeovers On The Road

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