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My business name is Verity Dunamis – a Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking Business focusing mainly on all types of business however there has been cross pollination of clients.

My dilemma is that the name Life Coach doesn’t sell. The market is saturated with Life Coaches with some leaving a bad taste with clients. Virtually no response from clients when using the term – I am a Life Coach.

My train of thought is have Life Coaching as one of my many tools in my toolbox to empower people and to find an alternative, funky, energetic umbrella name so that the clients can feel non threatened. I will be able to at least have one foot in the door to sell my products.

My business tagline is: “Power in the Truth that sets You Free”. Suggestions given are: “Life Transforming Specialist”, “Life Enrichment Specialist (too formal)” and “Goal Setting Specialist (good but includes only part of the Coaching Process)”. If possible I would like to keep the word “Specialist” at the end as it is more defining to my target audience.

In the same process, Motivational Speaker is also weak to sell. I need a name where I can not only talk about how to empower people but I have the tools to show how.

eg: Life Enrichment Specialist or Life Enrichment Speaker


Jay’s Answer: Business people aren’t looking for life coaches – they’re looking for executive coaches. While the work a life coach does is virtually identical to an “executive coach”, the language used is different, and the focus is more on business than life-balance.

People think of motivational speakers for keynote or annual company meetings. You’d market yourself as a motivational speaker to the HR department. You’d market yourself as an executive coach to the C-level.

But before you do either, make sure you have in your portfolio some case studies of businesses you’ve helped and the ROI of your work. That’ll show you’re not just a “life coach” masquerading in “executive coach” clothing.

As for names, consider simply building on your name: Verity Dunamis, Executive Coach (or Professional Executive Coach)

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  1. Interesting thoughts Jay. Stumbled on your page looking for some ideas for my own coaching business that I will set up next year. Thanks.

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