Holiday Open House/Fundraiser For Pet Charities

Last year my boyfriend and I held our first annual community holiday open house to raise donations of nonperishable food for our local food bank, toys for Children’s Hospital, and food, toys, and blankets for a nearby humane society that is in such bad condition, the place should have been condemned years ago. Over 400 brochures were professionally prepared and placed on doors in our neighborhood in a plastic door hanger with chocolate mints, and also left in a few pet-related spa-type stores and businesses in our town.

But this year I DO want to promote my business, as I am trying to grow the business, as well as bringing awareness to these wonderful charities that work nationwide. (A portion of everything I sell in my online shop gets donated to these charities.)


Jay’s Answer:

  • Ask people to send you pictures of their pets for display (on your website, invitation, flyers, etc.).
  • If you’re collecting donations on behalf of 501(c)3 organizations, you might meet some resistance, since you’re not a 501(c)3 yourself (trust issues).
  • If you’re still supporting your local Humane Society, have people sponsor specific things: a cage (with their name on it), food for an animal for a week/month/year, medications for low-income owners, etc. Make it tangible and transparent.
  • Depending on the goal, you could have a people/pet soiree. Or, if people only, have them bring pictures of their animals to help create their name badge.
  • How about a pet parade, where people and pets walk from organization to organization that are pet-friendly. Have donation jars in each business a month prior, and the parade will go door-to-door to collect the funds. This creates a great photo PR opportunity for everyone.

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