Naming Our Party/Event Company

We are a group of recent Hotel & Restuarant Management graduates (there are 6 of us) who have a strong culinary background and are in the process of starting a catering company. As a niche we are going to focus on children and pre-teen parties and events, but we are also going to do other events (baby showers, bridal showers, etc).  We are going to be located in the DC/PG County area. We are focusing on the food component not the party experience.


Jay’s Answer: The average children’s and pre-teen party probably isn’t going to hire a company to prepare food, unless you’re focused on a specific niche (whether that be food allergies, foodies, etc).

Perhaps you can tell the story of who’s going to need you, when, why they couldn’t create the food themselves, how much they’d pay for your services, etc.

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